David Bath is releasing his first studio E.P tilted ‘Do What You Must’ recorded in 2017 in collaboration with multi instrumentalist George Sanderson. The launch will be performed by the ‘Free Daves’ band for an afternoon matinee of alternative rock.

David Bath is a singer songwriter from Canberra writing songs about, life, living and relationships and how we adapt to change as we experience it unfold. 

He was first seen playing music in 2003 at the Canberra Park Woolshed gatherings in Watson were the likes of Aaron Peacey (Fire on the Hill) and Tom Woodward first cut their teeth. The early events were hosted by the house band ‘Gravy Tram’ featuring Pat Sims then later ‘Anaconda’ featuring Jorge Brontes. David join as lead guitarist in for Gravy Tram playing shows at "RockApe" The Phoenix and the ‘Annual Free Floral Frock Fringe Festival’. 

Developing his own material at the secluded "Pixie House" in neighbouring Queanbeyan, in 2008 David joined ‘Two Guitars and a Cello’ featuring Julia Horvath and Sheila Mann, performing a dynamic range of contemporary folk music. 

With the need to release more electric sounds he built ‘David Bath & the Hot-Tubs’ with Gerry Andrew (People I love) and Nathan Rowland (Tundrel). Other projects included ‘7Set’ and recording Gravy Tram first Album ‘That's the Plan’ released in Oct 2010. In 2012 David joined as bass player for long time friend "Magic" Rob Burgess and soon after forming ‘Magic Rob Universe’ performing gigs till this day. 

David and Gerry have been jamming and crafting songs together for fun for many years. Looking for group, Gerry suggested they nick drummer Katharine Hagan from People I love to form the back line for their music. They found that chemical spark, In their spare time they have been creaing tunes together since. These guys cherish and deliver a tidy alternate rock style with some punchy, blues, surf edge feel numbers at the right junctions. 

Free Daves will be performing the launch of David's new E.P featuring the talented George Sanderson who performed and co-produced the EP. Come joint us for our friendly "Saturday Matinee" show. Together we will brings the songs to life for your enjoyment. 

David Bath - Guitar and vocal 
Gerry Andrew - Bass
Katharine Hagan - Drums
George Sanderson - Lead Guitar
Jon Burgess - Guitar

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