China Beach, the fabulous Melbourne based all original 8-piece Garage Disco, Freaky Funk, Dirty Jazz band, are taking the show on the road.

Since their formation in 2017 this wild dance band has been playing every weekend. With a sense of flare, wild passionate musicianship and a desire to spread love and create a backdrop of frivolous celebration China Beach are very handy to have around if you want to cut loose.
Honing their sound with consistent gigging, the band are brushing up on their dance moves and are primed to make each one of the shows on this tour an especially good time for the lucky crowd that gets to share the boogie feels. From Noosa Surf Fest, Ninch Fest, Happy Wanderer, Bello Winter and beyond, China Beach bring their blend of Garage Disco, Freaky Funk and Dirty Jazz to every party.

Joining them will be Brass Knuckle Brass Band!
All brass and all class this big band ensemble are gonna get your springs nice and loose. Cup your hands and say yeah, because it’s about to get funly up in this joint.

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