Introducing… Cashemoto! Or if you prefer, The Hashews!

Two of Canberra’s finest acoustic bands at Smith’s in the one concert. Entry is free, but we will pass a receptacle around for donations.

Hashemoto and The Cashews. You’ve seen them, one or the other, on mountaintops, lakesides, in tunnels, in bags at the supermarket, in disreputable backyards and, individually, in a plethora of other excellent bands over the years (Fun Machine, New Gods of Thunder, Jason Recliner, The View From Here, Megadeath, Harry Roy and his Orchestra.. to name just a few).

Smith’s now brings them together for a delightful lunch-time al fresco concert. The stage will be wherever seems appropriate at the time. Knowing The Cashews, they’ll probably climb the tree and sing perched in the branches. Hashemoto may wheel their piano over to the tram stop. Who knows?


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