Heat #2! This little dumb thing to do has become a big dumb thing that has to be done properly! To be decided in a final TBA.

Ever thought Eurovision was a little too Eurocentric?

Me neither. (Israel? Azerbaijan?!, AUSTRLAIA????)

Anyway, forget those losers and come to our inaugural Canbeurovision!

Dickson! Isabella Plains! Weetangera! 15 parts of Lyneham!

Come see representatives from your favourite suburbs duke out it out in the hammiest environs imaginable for the least prestigious prize since the MusicACT awards (I have four, but who remembers).

Are you the most talented at any type of performance that lasts between 3 and 8 minutes for your suburb? Get in touch and compete for the ultimate glory!

$15 for everyone. Free for competitors obviously.

Hosted by Jæne Hõschke and Endréy. 

Image credit: 'Golden Hour' by Martin Ollman.

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