Black Cypress

Meet the hauntingly dynamic four-piece band that's taking Canberra's folk scene by storm. This sibling-led group merges dark and ethereal tones, blending folk blues with pagan influences to craft a truly unique musical experience. Their sound is rooted in harmonies, with spine-tingling songs inspired by haunting folk tales and pirate lore. Their live shows feature fiddle, guitars, and percussion, seamlessly woven into unforgettable acoustic performances.

And special guests:
Canberra's finest blues duo, Electric Tommy Johnston, is back, playing high-energy pre- and post-war blues. They spotlight early and forgotten forms, from African shuffles and Appalachian fingerpicking to work-songs, prison-songs, gospel, and bar-room blues. ETJ's driving guitar and soulful vocals delve into the deep history of the blues. 

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