Alex Raupach and Steve Barry join forces.

“We play together because we manage to delight each other with the twists and turns of melody,” says Raupach. “With Steve, it’s always a real conversation; it’s very live. All your melodic decisions have consequences that ripple through the rest of the music, so things can take on a real meaning. It’s an exciting moment to be in.”

Steve Barry has a string of awards to his credit including the Bell Award for Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year and a second place finish in the National Jazz Awards. He is currently a PhD candidate in composition and a major contributor to the Sydney jazz scene.

Alex Raupach, originally from Canberra and a graduate of the ANU, now plays and composes in Melbourne. The rhythm section, bassist Thomas Botting and drummer Alex Hirlian, brings a contemporary energy that sees them both in rising demand among leading Australian jazz musicians.

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