From the writer: “It's been a year since the launch of the last issue of THFN (#12, the petre out EP). This one is WAY overdue but I was depressed for a while and I get little done when I'm depressed. Anyway, THFN#13 is heading out to the world with a little help from my friends.

This issue is about a couple of bad friends I had as teenager. I could really pick 'em. And this time I got someone more skilled than me to do the cover. Many thanks to Alex Parrinder.”

The dark horse of slam poetry, ANDREW GALAN, will be performing his powerful verse. THE CAREERISTS (featuring Laura of Okinawa Girls, Greg of early Sydney punks Social Disease, Toby of The Grogans and petre out) will be playing our first gig. The Legendary Dale Nixon will be hosting.

More to be announced soon.

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