Artist, activist, motivator and performer: Vivian Sessoms is all of these and so much more. Boasting a career spanning nearly two decades, Vivian has had the honor of collaborating on stage and in the recording studio alongside immortal artists the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sinead O’ Connor and Ryuichi Sakamoto, to mention just a few.

Vivian’s recognizable vocal style echoes the classic greats of soul and R&B: every word she sings is loaded with passion and raw emotion, with a vocal range that can travel from lilting and angelic to gritty and mournful in an instant. Her striking approach allows her to be able to swing through different genres with innate versatility, showcasing a commanding presence on stage as well as in the recording studio.

Most recently, Vivian began work on a solo project, the first single of which, is the Billie Holiday classic Strange Fruit, a passionate song that deals with timeless and important issues such as racism and social inequality. The song's production bridges the gap between the warmth of the '60's and the punch of the '70's, spicing it up with a modern twist. The track is included on Vivian’s upcoming album, LIFE, her third studio effort following Metaphors, and sophomore release Sunny One Day (under the Moniker Albright).

It's quite the ride, following Vivian as she explores what is for her, new territory with the openness of mind of someone who is untethered by the traditional rules of jazz, and she's got a lot to say.


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