Relatively unknown today, the ukulele weilding George Formby was one of Britain's most popular entertainers during the 1930s and 40s. With a toothy grin and a kindly turnip face, he sang cheeky songs full of innuendo on the stage, in the recording studio, and in films.

From the youngest ever jockey to a troubled marriage, and from his morale boosting work during WW2 to his premature death, George Formby touched the hearts of millions and when he died, more than 150,000 people lined the two-mile route from the chapel of rest to the church. It remains the largest funeral there has ever been for a show business personality.

This will be the very first time anyone has seen the show and will be an invaluable opportunity to test it in front of an audience before the show goes on to premiere at the Sydney Fringe Festival in September, so come along and be a part of creating a brand new show!

Written and performed by Marcel Cole, using the classic songs of George Formby, and directed by Mirjana Ristevski.

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