The Subterraneans meet European master flutist Jeroen Pek (Netherlands)

Jeroen Pek/flutes, James Ryan/saxophones/flute, Michael Coggins/guitar, Steve Hunter/bass, Jack Powell/drums

One of Australia's most exciting Jazz(-Rock) bands, The Subterraneans, is touring this summer with "One of today's most fascinating jazz flautists" (Jazzthetik, Germany/Jazz'n'More, Switzerland), Jeroen Pek as a guest. An encounter of kindred spirits. After all, host and guest share a tremendously energetic, adventurous and eclectic approach to music, reputations that can count on international recognition. Few will be surprised, then, that the repertoire consists of originals by bandleader James Ryan and Jeroen Pek.

The press about Jeroen Pek.

With an armada of flutes, Pek is an agile and imaginary improviser without fear of alienating sounds." Jazzthetik (Germany)
Melodies and virtuoso solos that seem to come from all over world” (Hungary)
"Jazz flute as it's supposed to be, unbelievable!” Jazz Loft (USA)
Pek gives his instrument the necessary body to make it a full-fledged jazz instrument" Knack (Belgium)
"Enormous variety of timbres and style elements, one of THE true jazz flutists." Jazzism (Netherlands)
"Pek is not afraid of some un-American behaviour." NRC/Handelsblad (Netherlands)

The press about The Subterraneans.

This is what the fusion of Jazz and Rock always promised but rarely delivered: sophisticated improvising harnessed to raw power.” Sydney Morning Herald
The Subterraneans will almost certainly demand a re-think of how many people considered the music once called 'fusion’.” Limelight
The band is one of Sydney's strongest live acts, and this brilliant studio debut catches all that excitement, and delivers it with a mighty sonic punch.”  Sydney Morning Herald
Effects from Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and others are utilised inventively but the album is no mere exercise in sampling: it's a highly original collection amalgamating rock influences into contemporary jazz expression.” The Australian

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