The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC) is a refugee established and managed school located just outside Jakarta, Indonesia. Operating since August 2014, it now has 6 classrooms, 12 teachers, 6 administration staff and over 100 students. It is supported by the Australian non-profit Cisarua Learning Inc.

Since starting it has attracted support from Australia and around the world. The Australian Education Union sends two teachers twice a year to support the curriculum. Parents and teachers donated materials and furniture, and the Sydney Morning Herald has written two major articles about the school. It is regularly visited by Australian University students, academics, teachers, artists, authors, filmmakers and journalists.

The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre is filled to capacity, 200 people every day, and Trump is doing his best to ban refugees from America, so they've decided to double down on their commitment to refugees in Indonesia and S.E. Asia.

Founders Muzafar and Jolyon are hitting the road to reconnect with old friends around Australia, meet some new ones, and to let you know their plans for 2017; and they have plenty of plans. This year they plan to reach further into the refugee community, uncovering the sleeping leaders and encouraging them to start their own CRLC style or online learning initiatives. 

In the past three years the students, teachers and managers at the CRLC have progressed incredibly. While they stongly believe that Australia should be taking more refugees, and releasing those detained on Manus and Nauru, they also know that they are making life changing, tangiable and positive differences in refugees lives right now.

With your help they’ll release their feature documentary, The Staging Post, and create community, school and university screenings across Australia. The Staging Post is a story about a small group of refugees stuck in Indonesia and what they did when Australia 'stopped the boats'. An inspiring story of what is possible.

They are going to need a lot of support. From boots on the ground to people with connections in boardrooms, CSR programs and potential NGO partners. If you know anyone who might like to hear the story of the CRLC and join our #CRLCFamily, then this is the event to bring them to.

Entry is free, so come have some laughs, tell some stories and maybe have a few drinks if you like.

Follow what the CRLC has been up to on their blog.

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