Yes! After a year of avoiding Covid-laced sneezes, coughs and associated respiratory droplets, Dramatis Scientificae is back! Phil Dooley, Michele Conyngham and Patrick Davies are your hosts for “Stir-fried Science'', a cornucopia of science, comedy, music and even a smidgin of philosophy. 

Want to debate the newsworthiness of black holes? Or apply Schrodinger’s theory to ringing doorbells? Perhaps you would like to discover the wonders of algae or philosophise about the nomenclature used on your cafe menu? If so, come along to Smith’s Alternative, 76 Alinga Street Civic on Friday the 9th of April at 8 pm. Imbibe a drink, consume a vegan brownie, sit in a comfy chair (so long as you’re early enough) and take in a show about science full of variety. How could that be phrased more succinctly? Variety Show Full of Science? Science Variety Show? Or simply Stir-fried Science? Let’s go with that. 

Featuring science-themed comic sketches, science standup as well as working scientists presenting their latest research, Stir-fried Science includes appearances by ecologist Dr Brittany Brockett, biologist Dr Lachlan Dow, and ecologists Dr Caitlin Byrt  Dr Dave Wong.

Catch you there - if this blurb is good enough; if science is your bag; if you like a good laugh; if you like me or Britt or any of the others; hopefully. :)

MC’ed by Dr Phil Dooley from Phil Up On Science and featuring cameos from the science theatre collaboration Dramatis Scientificae. A night not to be missed!

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Smith's Alternative
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