Steve Smyth

Around the world a couple of times or maybe more , whistling quietly this flâneur cantor has weaved from the Americas ,Europe, Arabia and Asia to all edges of Australia . Deserts to coasts ,skylines to river runs ,club caves to church halls . The venues uncountable and environments given soundtracks.

His name is usually shortened by warm association but mostly in descriptive knick names due to his never to be missed shows, a brutal confrontational intensity once he takes to the stage . Alternatively on posters or web search found by Steve Smyth.
Since his last respected release "Exits" ,produced by Gus Seyffert and Joey Waronker . A rythme section so impressive that many dream of,since courting the likes of artists Beck, Black keys, Atoms for peace and Roger Waters. Steve Smyth seemed to be on an eternal tour , although recently exchanging his tattered swag for his home in Barcelona. 
Never residing the endless road and open sky though trading more time to his office desk covered in tiny momento's and ink drying on white pages .

happily lost in the romantic streets , the pages written through the slow pink to purple afternoons. Domesticity and many aero planes through the clouds pensively Steven chiseled ,carving the grain of his voice to songs for his new recordings .
In which the first Chptr- "Blood" was recorded in a barcelona neighborhood cathedral. This, the first of four as the bells will ring out this year . The maturity of these "Chptrs" is something to admire and cherish in their connection of a complete story . They are least fashionable but undeniably honest.
During all this creativity ,being a carpenter by trade he physically built a restuarante , a pub, two recording studios, an art gallery and most recently his catalan casa .
He openly admits to me he has loved and hit rock bottom , lost his soul more times than he can recall , wasted time with the social elite and bums on the street. Ran against and with the law ,all the laws we give ourselves . Battled ,Questioned ,sometimes never conquering . Then sometimes answered in the places he leased expected .
"To be lost is only half way to being found."  In this quote I know he has surely sketched to song the close fragile moments of what it is to be human . Yet to be also a heart undefeated  to articulate  to music , that you should surely find him in your record collection . timeless.
Tim Rogers of You Am I  - " Steve Smyth could sing me my will or the phone book and I'd still fall apart" .

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