At Smith’s we love songs, and the songwriters that sing them. We host plenty of bands and we love them too, but every so often we’d like to strip the accompaniment away and hear the songs as they were written – one voice, one instrument, unadorned and vulnerable like a babe in the woods. For this sixth edition of Six of the Best, we have once again asked four very different song-writers to share six of their best songs with us. In order of appearance, we have…

Benedict Moleta

Recently arrived in Canberra after two decades in the WA scene, Benedict has a unique style of delivery with amazing, slice-of-life lyrics and an incredible voice that even makes the goose bumps have goose bumps!

Abi Main

Abi is a Canberra born singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist with a love of pop folk music. She loves recording and performing music in and around Canberra and has been playing at Smith’s since the age of twelve.

Joseph John Matthews

This hairy sasquatch of a man emerges from his cave but once a year to shake the heavens and howl the ghosts from his bones. Some say he is over 10 feet tall and has eyes as black and deep as the midnight ocean. His mellifluous voice will rattle the windows free of their frames, glasses will shatter, hearts will break. You will never be the same again.


Standing at 4ft11 and half, with steel lungs and an infectious smile, largely self-taught musician 'andie' delivers an intoxicating live performance that is not to be missed.  Hailing from Dharug & Gundungurra land (Blue Mountains), outside of Eora (Sydney), her songwriting combines old school jazz vocals and folk style lyrics with bluesy tones, bringing a captivating and cheeky presence to any room.


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