At Smith’s we love songs, and the songwriters that sing them. We host plenty of bands and we love them too, but every so often we’d like to strip the accompaniment away and hear the songs as they were written – one voice, one instrument, unadorned and vulnerable like a babe in the woods. For this first edition of Six of the Best, we’ve asked four very different song-writers to share six of their best songs with us. In order of appearance, we have...

Bess Harrison





Bess has been germinating a long time out in the sticks around Braidwood, playing gigs at the Smokey Horse and the like, and emerges now, fully fledged, with all the trappings of a singing story teller intact. Funny and poignant by turns, Bess is ready for a wider audience.

Lily Begbie





Lily first came to our attention as the front-woman and vocalist for local band, Muesli. She has the knack of truly enjoying herself on stage, an infectious bubbliness belying excellent vocal control and timing. We are very much looking forward to seeing her express herself in solo fashion.

Evan Buckley





Evan is lead singer of beloved local band, The Burley Griffin. Without a doubt one of Canberra’s finest songwriters, he has ear-wormed his way into the hearts of Canberra’s music lovers with his songs of heartbreak, existential musings and religious philosophising. Musically made of modest clay - simple triads, diatonic melodies – Evan’s songs meander and swell, then blister and sear, tearing apart the fabric we clothe our normal lives in, giving us momentary hope for humanity as we commune with him in song.






A story teller! With Blues in her soul, a Rock in her devil’s right hand and a tear in her Country heart….Lianna’s lyrics will engrave, her groove will linger and all matter of feelings will leave you evoked! Lianna, a songstress, a storyteller and one hell of an eclectic Australian roots/rock songwriter! A stellar career of published tv/radio singles and chart success across the globe has afforded Lianna’s self penned gems a first class ticket around the world collecting followers and critics alike! After a six year hiatus Lianna is releasing the hounds and shakin the dust of her trusty six string, her beloved slide and her howlin’ harmonica’s! Come, ……be entertained!

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