ZZG's music features atmospheric story driven lyrics with melodic instrumental and psychedelic moments. With influences including David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Jeff Wayne and many others, ZZG’s recent album “Alternate Realities Inc.”  will transport you to into an ethereal, retro rock vision of the future.

David Bath and the Hot Tubs, bring a super laid back psyched-out vibes to warm everyone up. Tidy early 90s influence rock with some punchy, blues, surf edged jingles at the right junctions. David Bath is a singer songwriter from Canberra who released his first E.P tilted ‘Do What You Must’ in 2018. Songs about, life, living and how we adapt as it unfolds.  These songs and the latest mix will be performed by the smooth and steady rock’n Hot Tubs.
Black Light Disco are a pop-punk duo writing raw garage rock gems with simply sculpted lyrics reminiscent of a high school disco. Primordial drumming infused with 3500 volts of bass guitar Plasma distortion make Black Light Disco the largest sounding duo you’ll experience live. Their music will remind you of first loves, old school friends and innocent times - you’ll be humming their songs for days.


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