But if you want two overly confident, relentlessly optimistic, merch-toting, hug-giving, guitar-lugging DIY music freaks, look no further.

Both Tim Steward and Peter Black are ridiculously happy if they can squeeze into a shared motel room together out past the airport somewhere if it saves them $30. They’ll share a comradely high five is there’s a packet of peanuts backstage. Both sell their own merch at shows and kindly ask the audience not to shoplift while they’re on stage and the stuff is unattended.

Both of them do high kicks during gigs, Blackie from a sitting position and Tim more often than not regretting it what with his dodgy back and all.

Blackie has been playing live since 1981. A survivor of the punk, grunge and indie-rock wars, he has recorded thirteen albums with THE HARD ONS as well as over a dozen solo albums. Relentlessly prolific, he once wrote, recorded and released a song a day for a year.

Live, he plays exclusively from this huge solo catalogue. Self-proclaimed “shit at computers”, he’s still pretty great at hustling up gigs and getting other people to do his album art.

Tim’s been playing since 1987 with 15 studio albums to his credit across several bands including SCREAMFEEDER. In contrast to Blackie he’s often been known to go a whole year without writing a single song.

He has released a total of one solo album, 17 years ago, which he never plays songs from any more, instead taking the easy way out playing a bunch Screamfeeder faves – as voted by their fans (both of them).

These two champs are heading out together in March, playing the nation’s most exclusive (*poky) clubs, a couple of record shops with some space over in the corner, one or two café-bookshops, and the odd pub back room.

There will be laughs, tears, and great songs - almost all of which you’ve never heard on the radio. Presented by Sound as Ever as well as their own bands – who are more than happy to get them out of the house for a month, make sure you don’t miss this spectacular once-only outing.

If Tim Steward and Peter Black aren’t Australian household names already, they sure as hell won’t be after this tour.

Joined by Jessamine (Ex Nitocris).

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