More known for his 35 years plus as "Blackie" from The Hard Ons and Nunchukka Superfly, Peter Black has said "doesn't keep me busy enough, there's never enough music."  

"If This Is The Hand That I'm Dealt" and "I'm Gonna Cheat As Much As I Can"  are out now and here's what Captain Sensible from the Damned has to say about ‘em:

“Beautifully produced pop.. and pop with a capital P too. I don't know why anyone should be surprised because everything Blackie has done is quality - from the Hard-Ons up till now. But the addition of acoustic and harmony has taken Blackie into classic rock territory.. and if that means joining the likes of Brian Wilson and The Byrds why ever not. I'm sure there's still some thrashy punk left in the guy but for now this is absolutely bloomin’ marvellous!” – Captain Sensible (The Damned, Sensible Gray Cells)

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