Contracts, Mechanical Royalties, Force Majeure, Music Territories, M.O.Us, P.R.Os, C&Ds... Are you up to scratch on all of these?

For serious musicians and industry workers, an understanding of the way the legal system works in the world of entertainment is absolutely essential to the protection of your work, revenue, and A** (Art). That's why MusicACT has invited one of Australia's top music and entertainment lawyers down to the Nation's Capital to share her wisdom on all things Music Law!

Moira McKenzie is a Melbourne based lawyer specialising music, entertainment and intellectual property law. A musician herself, Moira holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Bachelor of Laws. With over 10 years experience, Moira represents a broad range of artists, managers, indie labels, producers, venues, promoters, festivals, ticketing providers, and music start-ups. Moira has served on the boards of The Push and Music Victoria and volunteers as a pro-bono lawyer for Arts Centre of Australia.

Come along to Smith's Alternative on Sunday March 27th for an insightful presentation from Moira, musical performances, and a chance to catch up with your friends in the Canberra music scene.

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