Prepare your lounge suits, and maybe your dancing shoes*!

Expand your mind: This is the debut of the new genre "Lo-Fi Classical!" The true chill/study music, brought to you by Jumpoppa Records!
Caleb Liaw (down-jumpoppa) is the mastermind behind this new genre fusion, and this is your chance to be at its very birth!

Starting at 7pm, be entranced by exclusive arrangements of all twelve tracks of the first Lo-Fi Classical album: "Scorpion Embers", along with other exclusive arrangements from Caleb's other personality.
It will be a night of chilling, conversations, and learning - this is study music after all! 
Enter the door prize raffle by learning something new from a new friend!

Ticket comes with your choice of digital or physical Founders Edition of "Scorpion Embers," featuring exclusive tracks compared to the Standard Edition. 
What great value... right? RIGHT?
*And if you are actually game to try dancing as slow as 60bpm... sure, more door prizes!

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