Kim Salmon & the Surrealists

I formed the Surrealists in 1987 to take off where the Scientists left off….

Deconstructing and salvaging performances out of whatever situation prevailed resulting in 3 albums consisting of pure spontaneity from happenstance. By 1993 we’d been in one place long enough to start sounding like other bands and released Sin Factory to our biggest sales. We, however, couldn’t survive this way and the lineup eventually morphed into 1996’s Bainbridge /Thomas line-up, which learned to recall  ‘jams’ inspired by a revived spontaneity and a year of international touring. We’d name the city, play the sound check jam and record it. I added singing and we got the Legendary Jim Dickinson to produce 1997’s Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing.

2020 brought the plague, lockdowns and an opportunity for the Collings / Thomas line up to live stream, completely improvising,  to a virtual audience of 7k with top video and audio production in a recording studio. This became the double album Rantings from the Book Of Swamp. Both line ups are just raring to perform these respective albums in a national tour called Ya  Gotta Let Me Swamp My Rantings.

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