Snow on Higher Ground’ is the debut album of actor Keegan Joyce. He is best known for his television roles on the ABC show’s ‘Rake’ (Fuzz) and ‘Please Like Me’ (Arnold) and was seen in musical productions of ‘Once’. It was in ‘Once’ that Keegan discovered his love of the folk, country and bluegrass music, also where he met Jane Patterson who features extensively on the album.

A folk/country singer-songwriter and actor with a musicology degree…none of it makes sense. His songs betray his innocent looks and his depth of lyricism is only complimented by his interesting but subtle musical stylings. This is a debut album with a history.

A word from Keegan: “I’m nervous as anything to put my music out there, this is something I’ve been working on a while, if I kept it to myself and someone found out it would seem pretty fucking self-indulgent. So here is “snow on higher ground” an entirely not self indulgent 47 minutes of sad reflective music.”

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