Genre defying multi-instrumentalist and award winning songwriter Karl S. Williams joins forces with renowned percussionist Sally Wiggins to bring his folk, blues and gospel inflected songs into fascinating new territory. With an expansive musical vocabulary, the duo engage in an exciting dialogue - a dance which is at once playful, lyrical and deeply moving. Less than a year into their journey the pair have already clocked up appearances at festivals such as Cronulla Jazz & Blues, Wintermoon and Kiama Jazz & Blues - and opened for The Whitlams.

Seeking to expand, in a live setting, upon the solitary recordings of his latest album ‘Rainbows in the Gasoline’, Karl S. Williams fortuitously met Sally Wiggins at Majors Creek Music Festival early in 2023. The mutual admiration and immediate connection translated into a magical musical communication from the first moment they convened to play together. Karl had long been enamoured with the drummer-singer duo format in its capacity to both rock and be intimate so the pair set about exploring the gamut of this sound, to mesmerising effect. With a mandate to improvise, eschew convention and play, Karl and Sally liberate each other to explore and lean into the songs, playing with space and silence as much as notes.

Sally’s drum accompaniment […] enhanced the music, brought texture and gave space for the spiritual intensity that has attracted me to your music. Sally has great touch […] but also deep feel for what you express. The on-stage chemistry between you is beautiful to experience. - message from Thom Klein / Archive Warehouse Concert, Sawtell NSW


"He's a wrecking ball, a loaded gun. He's an unmerciful magistrate. He's "a daisy-cutting, motherfucking judgement day." – Martin Farrer, The Guardian

“I love discovering artists who have that special IT - the Zeitgeist - watch out for Karl!” – Peter Noble, Festival Director - Byron Bay Bluesfest

So good it may even save your life.” – Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail (review of 2013 release Heartwood)

Winner - Release of the Year - 'Lifeblood' - GCMAs (Gold Coast Music Awards) 2021
Winner - Best Blues and Roots - 'God Is A Bomb' - QMAs (Queensland Music Awards) 2021
Finalist - Best Country - 'Columbus Ohio' - QMAs 2021
Finalist - Best Singer-Songwriter - 'Never Let Me Go' - QMAs 2021

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