Jack Phemister makes Art Rock music for the modern misanthrope.
From the Folk-Rock beginnings of his debut album emerges a subversive new era, combining influences of Art Punk, Industrial Rock, and Poetry. Exploring the ugly depths of the human condition, and the artist’s place in it, Phemister trudges through themes of displacement, dejection, and anxiety, implementing unwarranted magniloquence and wonky guitar playing. The live show is a high-energy tirade of reeling rhythm section playing and effects pedals, fully committed to the music, and tiptoeing on the edges of virtuosic and theatrical.
Originally from Yass, NSW, and currently residing in Melbourne, Phemister has performances coming up in Melbourne, Canberra & Los Angeles before the year is out, and his sophomore album is due for release in Summer 2024.

Tom Woodward – According to discogs ‘Australian singer-songwriter, originally based in Canberra, ACT. Active since the mid 1990s as a solo artist and as a member of the bands: The Mating Season; The Henchmen; Weekend of Noise.’

According to facebook ‘Songwriter. Guitarist. Performer. Plying my folk songs, psych-country and mutant melodies in bars, g...’

Singer-songwriter, amateur marathon runner, Bob Dylan fan, poet, busker… Tom has written hundreds of songs. He’s got 34 albums up on his Bandcamp for chrisakes. That and his mad finger-pickin skills are evidence of an obsessive compulsion to write and play songs that hasn’t dimmed with the years. One day soon he’ll be discovered and become an overnight sensation.


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