In the month of International Women's Day, we're revisiting the theme of feminist awakenings! For many of us, feminism has opened our eyes to the inequalities that still exist between genders today, and has led to a renewed dedication to changing the world for the better. 

In just the past few months, we've seen a real resurgence in the feminist movement, highlighted by the Women's Marches in January. 

This event will see three speakers share the story of their personal feminist awakenings, as well as joining host & founder of Feminartsy, Zoya Patel, for a panel discussion.


Heidi Zajac is the Founder and Director of Cooking Circles, a not-for-profit program operating in Timor Leste and Canberra with women and girls. Heidi has extensive work experience in the ACT community sector including small, specialist organisations and medium sized generalist organisations, where she has worked in project design, program management, policy development, budget management, client information and support services, community development, and education and awareness. She is on the Board of YWCA Canberra and she has been a member of the YWCA Australia Timor Leste Working Group. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in International and Community Development.

Eun Ju is a multi-racial queer person based in the NT and the ACT. They are passionate about working with and supporting marginalised communities. Their vision is a future free from sexual violence.

Fiona Jenkins is Associate Professor in the School of Philosophy, RSSS, Australian National University. Her current research covers two projects, one on Judith Butler, which focuses on questions of political legitimacy, violence and non-violence, in post-national frameworks; the other on gender equity and ideas of ‘excellence’ in academic disciplines. She teaches on contemporary French philosophy, on Nietzsche, on film, and on radical democratic theory. Following a DPhil at Balliol, Oxford, she spent two years teaching at Essex University, taking up a post-doc. at Sydney University in 1997 and moving to ANU in 2002. She has also been the Convenor of the ANU Gender Institute, 2013-15.


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