Featuring some cutting edge circus from our special guest SIAN BRIGID ( [🤯] ), along with cultured burlesque, high brown queens, pop art performance art, & Bob Ross drag (literally, my happy little friends), come out, get experimental in your fashion for best dressed prizes, & get your art on with us.

Remember, art should disturb the comfortable, & comfort the disturbed. However you fall into that, you're in for a treat!

Sian Brigid - Circus Burlesque icon (fresh home from sweeping success at Adl Fringe!)
Venus Mantrap - Culture Queen
AliBi - Sensual Performance Art
Magnus Magnum - Paint- With-Me King
Currie Brownshaw - Local Treasure
Billy Baubles - Curator King
Johnny Duke - Debut King!
& Guy Alias - MC, King, & farty artist.

For more from the amazing Sian, check out Sideshow Self Indulgence - a special Canberra event! 

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