David Dondero is an American songwriter with a catalogue spanning 20 years. Originally from Duluth, Minnesota, he currently lives on “the Isle of Corolla”. According to him, it’s a rental car with a population of 1 but he’s moving soon for temporary asylum in yet another rental car rambling through Australia. You may have seen him there once as a support act for Darren Hanlon. They’ve toured together many times in the US and Down Under. The two originally met while hiding from a man with a gun at a house show in Omaha. Long story. Hanlon has also released one of Dondero’s albums entitled # Zero with a Bullet on his Flippin Yeah Record label back in 2012.

Dondero’s songs range from the light hearted ‘Don’t be Eyeballin’ My Po’ Boy’ (written to pay homage to the great sandwiches of New Orleans after the flood) to ‘Boxer’s Fracture’ (a song written in response to the endless flow of mass shootings in America). He sings about paranoia and complacency with the song ‘Easy Chair.’ “Take a selfie with a mushroom cloud as the backdrop while you smile so proud. Set the image effect to 1945. Wonder if you’ll still be alive to see how many likes it got”.

A true road rambler and highway gambler, in love with the living and the dead. He’s a self proclaimed “convenience store connoisseur” and “studies highway archaeology and the poetry yet written” throughout the world.

National Public Radio in America listed him as one of the top living songwriters in 2006 but that is an accolade Dondero is quick to downplay. “I’ve still got a lot to learn in this life for the craft of the song.”

Susie Scurry is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne. In the spirit of golden-old classic standards her songwriting is clear and precise, original and familiar, honest and romantic. Her voice delivers lament and subtle wit in equal measure, singing about life and death, love lost, and a world gone awry.

In 2016 Susie released her debut album, The Grand Magoozi, on indie label Little Lake Records / Flippin Yeah Industries. Since that time she has performed and toured Australia extensively. Highlights include Melbourne Music Week, Darwin Festival, Perth Arts Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival and a 26 day tour of the outback supporting Darren Hanlon. In 2017, Susie travelled to England to record with Collin Elliot (best known for his work with Richard Hawley) - the finished result will be an EP titled 'The Elvis Hour' due to be released mid 2018.

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