Enchanted by the melodies of the legendary French Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Denis Chang, a Taiwanese-Canadian musician, embarked on a transformative journey that saw him sharing moments with the Gypsy communities of France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany during his formative years. These immersive experiences led him to master the art of Gypsy Jazz, a musical genre that now defines his creative expression.

While nestled within these vibrant cultures, Denis cultivated his musical prowess and embraced the Romany way of life, becoming a rare non-Gypsy, or gadje, fluent in the Romany language, Romanes. In his performances, he transcends boundaries, singing the seldom-heard Gypsy songs in Romanes, a testament to his deep understanding of their heritage. Attending his concerts promises audiences an enlightening voyage into Gypsy culture, accompanied by the stories behind these precious and uncommon melodies.

In a significant milestone, 2008 saw Denis gracing the stage alongside the iconic Les Paul at New York's Iridium, a testament to his burgeoning reputation as a remarkable guitarist. Recognition followed in 2009 when he was bestowed with the Entrée en Scène Award by Loto-Quebec and the Résidence Award in Quebec City during the Rideau Showcase.

2012 marked another pinnacle as Denis was invited to perform alongside the legendary Gypsy guitarist Dorado Schmitt, renowned for his role in Tony Gatlif’s "Latcho Drom." This collaboration culminated in Dorado gifting Denis the very guitar played throughout the US tour, an act of generosity that holds a special place in Denis's heart.

Having shared stages with luminaries like The Rosenberg Trio, Joscho Stephan, Gonzalo Bergara, Paulus Schäfer, and Tcha Limberger, Denis's musical journey has also intertwined with diverse talents such as James Carter, Mark O’Connor, Stephane Wrembel, and Frank Vignola.

Beyond his performances, Denis's expertise as an educator is widely sought after. His workshops have traversed continents, from Canada and the USA to Asia and Europe, attracting dedicated students even from as far as South Africa, the UK, and the USA for personalized lessons. His quartet has graced stages across Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan, the UK, and Taiwan, captivating audiences in concert halls and leaving an indelible imprint.

Denis's passion for sharing knowledge has manifested through instructional DVDs dedicated to the Gypsy Jazz genre, achieving international acclaim with over a thousand copies sold within a year of release and continued success since the debut DVD in 2007. This triumph spurred the creation of "DC Music School," an online platform gathering some of the world’s finest musicians across various styles and instruments. Today, the school proudly hosts over 5,000 registered users from more than 50 countries, a living testament to Denis's commitment to musical education and global collaboration.

Line up:
Denis Chang - guitar, Cameron Jones - guitar, Sverre Molland - guitar, Anthony Irving - bass

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