Dave Graney & Clare Moore are returning to Smiths Alternative with their band the mistLY for the Canberra launch of the fantastic new album ‘In A Mistly’.

Dave says - “This is the album we meant to do before Everything Was Funny. Restrictions on movement around Melbourne delayed it, but we kept the songs back that we wanted to play with our band - the mistLY. ” 

Graney and Moore have made about 45 albums together, and this is their sixth credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore. That is a Slim Dusty-level of dedication to the craft when you consider the usual shelf life for a recording artist. And the more I play In a Mistly, the more I think this is one of the best records they have ever made.

Great songs, no one lasts without those. But In a Mistly is sonically spectacular as well, music that sounds magnificent on the headphones, through your speakers or on the radio.

The album might be a duo credit but it is a rock record, with a band playing together, pulsing with energy and surprise. They haven’t been able to do that for a while because of lockdown, and you can feel the excitement at the opportunity to do it again.

If you know anything about Dave and Clare’s music, it will make you smile, with that tone somewhere between bemused with the strangeness of the everyday and delight at still being able to write about the idiosyncrasies of the internal and exterior life.

But this is music that calls you to the dancefloor too”.
Noel Mengel – MUSIC TRUST   

“Dave Graney and Clare Moore between them are golden threads that have glittered through the fabric of the antipodean indie music scene since the eighties: a constant presence in a sea of mutability and change that has delivered the most innovative and entertaining fare for aeons and helped shape and influence musical attire throughout. The dapper dress, the erudite and witty charm of Graney has always presented as one of the most enigmatic frontman in rock history, delivering his poetry with a glint in the eye and a studied style and panache, while multi instrumentalist Moore has always delivered a solid gold lustre on drums, keyboards and whatever else comes to hand”.
Arun Kendall – Back Seat Mafia

"Single “Tang” …. is simply sublime. A riot of riffs and lines. It’s cinematic in the way the exceptional “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” album was. There are more ideas in this tune than some people have in whole albums. Hipster jive talk lyrics remind me of Thomas Pynchon’s “Inherent Vice”.
Sci-fi sounds.

The definitive Graney-Moore sound is here – vibes, marimba, unique chord progressions, tasty little guitar runs. No one else sounds like this. I’m reminded of what attracted me to the Moodists back in 1983. “Where Are You In The Underworld?” a mellow piece which feels like a comment on where an “underground” artist might feel in the music world these days. Dave adopts his lounge singer delivery and muses on where the protagonist might be in the great “media” scheme of things. Interlocking guitars, marimba, splashes of percussion."
Bob Osborne – Different Noises - Salford-UK

"Maybe the ghosts of Byrds and Ken Nordine have been taxied to the twilight zone ... and then asked to play upside down! A great tune!"
Musician and songwriter ARNOLD STRALS' thoughts on TANG.


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