Dane Blacklock and the Preacher’s Daughter are a religious troupe of minstrels and thespians, who perform satanic gospel rock n roll cabaret rock operas, and have tarried forth from their homeland of Melbourne on important missionary work to the nation’s capital, to spread joy, hedonism and the good word of satan.

Alice Cottee is a daring performer, singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Canberra. You may remember her from such bands as Glitoris , No Hausfrau and Dollface. In Glitoris, Alice is space-punk ‘Keven 007’, the fast and furious not-so-secret  agent bringing down the patriarchy through her bizarre stage antics bordering on absurdity.  Keven’s soaring vocals and ‘meat and three veg’ guitar tone suggests that she grew up on a farm with a large paper shredder.

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