Join us at Smith’s for an informal evening of songs, stories, tentacle lovin’ and for the ‘light show’. Cuddlefish, shy elusive creatures that they are, have yet managed to gather a small coterie of entertaining friends and they’ll all be assembling at their favourite rocky outcrop in the Monaro Archipelago. Appearing:

Nicegood Things

A brand new musical collaboration between Rafe Morris (Moochers Inc.) and Chanel Cole.

Little Bambi Valentine

Buffoon, sex machine, party boi, self-proclaimed genius and mother to all things KREWD. "Turns innocence to demonic possession" - Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle. "I was smiling so hard I nearly passed out" - Vinh

The Cashews

Canberra’s favourite folk duo, famous for putting on gigs in impossible to access locations, some of which they’ve mentioned in songs they’ve written.

The Standard Deviants

An acoustic trio that’s a little bit folk-ish and a little bit punk-ish, the Standard Deviants sing songs to remind you that feeling sad and being bad is the most normal thing in the world, and they’ve got the data to prove it.

Little known facts about Cuddlefish:

Some time after choosing the name Cuddlefish, Cuddlefish googled Cuddlefish and discovered there was a band called Cuddlefish in Canberra twenty years previously, who put out an album called ‘Harkle’ in 1992.

Cuddlefish v.2 have never released an album.

Cuddlefish have played more gigs fully naked than they have fully clothed (This gig will be clothed).

When they die, Cuddlefish will leave behind skeletons that you can use as a healthy dietary supplement for budgies.



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