CJ Stranger is rapidly carving out a distinctive place in the Australian music landscape with his unique blend of indie rock and alt-country. He released critically acclaimed album ‘Hey Stranger’ in 2020 and now returns in 2022 with new music. New track ‘You May Run’ features CJ’s trademark lyrical style combined with a fresh sonic exploration of layered jangly guitars, vocals, synths and massive drums. With a promise of a new album on the horizon Stranger, (the alter-ego of one of Australia’s busiest session guitarists Cameron Henderson) continues to keep one engaged with his unique Australian songcraft  and constantly searching guitar style. 

His previous album ‘Hey Stranger’ received widespread airplay across the country including Triple J and Double J with Nkechi Anele (Roots n’ All) describing single Outlaw as “That awesome chilled out friend that you can also talk to and sort the worried of the world out with over a tea—twisted between the whimsical elements of pure serenity and light there are glimpses of anguish that give this tune depth and maturity in a way that I respect deeply.” 

‘Hey Stranger ‘also charted in the top 10 of the Australian Independent Record Association charts when released and was included in Post to Wire’s ‘Favourite albums of 2020’.

Cameron’s sideman and session guitar work includes: ‘Girl from the North Country’ (Connor McPherson/Bob Dylan) - Aus and NZ seasons 2022, Middle Kids 2018-2019, William Crighton, Muriel’s Wedding the Musical 2017 and 2018 seasons, ‘The Great gig in the Sky’ - Pink Floyd show, Angie Who, Lyre Byrdland, Magpie Diaries, Sam Newton, Christine Jane,

“One of the surprise releases of the year that sounded fully-formed with some laidback, effortless songwriting and playing. Catchy as hell!” - Post to Wire

“...it’s Australiana at it’s finest.... Henderson’s vocal, or at the very least the delivery, is reminiscent of several artists. But, equally different and individual enough, for me not to be able to quite put my finger on which ones....” - AU Review 

“I’m a big fan of CJ Stranger’s album ‘Hey Stranger’” - Stuart Coupe


Floundering romances and wide open spaces - you can tell a Lacey Cole song when you hear one. Whether hunched over a lonely campfire wearing only his guitar or strapped to his cosmic-rocket-of-a-band, Lazy Colts, there's always a winding tale to be told and a catchy hook to hang your hat.

His latest releases, Badwater: Volume 1 & 2, find Cole at his most discerning, playful and unguarded. Framed intimately by a rangy outlaw-country-feel and the odd celestial flourish.

Catch him on tour, promoting the 12” Vinyl release of Badwater. He’ll be joined on the road by Christine Hazelwood (the crystalline lady voice you hear on the record) and a member or two of the Badwater Band if they feel like it / happen to live around the corner from a venue.

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