In the spring of 1977, the doors of 254 West 54th Street opened to a New York City nightclub that in its glamour and pageantry defined the disco era.

Infamous for its celebrity guest lists, quixotic entry policies, extravagant events, rampant drug use and sexual hedonism…

Studio 54 was a place to party, but in its intermingling of art and culture, the club was a kind of performance piece in and of itself.

“A dictatorship on the door but a democracy on the dance floor" Andy Warhol.

Welcome to 'Cabaret Voltaire' an evening of avante-garde art and performance, inspired by the freedom of the dance floor / Aestheticism and the essence of 'l'art pour l'art' (art for art's sake).

This juxtaposition of imagery, dreams and fantasy will be delivered through an explosive night of drag / burlesque / performance art / live art and music!

Venus Mantrap
Zapp Backagain
Xenon Revolution
Faux Née Phish
Scarlett Mustang

Come and experience acts inspired by art from the beautiful, abstract and obscene, be immersed in fantasy and expression that flouts conventional aesthetics.

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