Celebrating Boroky's release of their new single ‘There'll Be Feasting for Women In Valhalla’. This heralds the approach of their LP ‘Angler Fish’. 

Boroky is the music baby of Canberran singer/songwriter/producer Toby Graham. Aiming to express the fracturing of reality and sense of bewilderment experienced by young Australians, as well as the importance of ethics in times of fear and doubt, ultimately, Boroky is a cry of hope for a better world.

Lyrically, Boroky explores some of the stranger facets of what it means to be human; do good, be honest, love, have a mental illness, have sex and die – as well as a bunch of interesting facts about fish. Musically, the blend of influences that creates this special brand of art pop ranges from Renaissance choral music to the LA Beat Scene, introducing a variety of rhythm and harmony to the pop idiom in an attempt to make something deeply beautiful and fun. ‘There'll Be Feasting For Women In Valhalla’ will be the fifth single released in the lead up to Boroky’s debut LP in June.

h.'s music can be defined by the blend of traditional folk and quirky lyrics, often combined with samples from both hip-hop and jazz. "...you can almost feel h. pushing her fist into the instrument, trying desperately to prove herself. And prove herself she has. If being limited to guitar and voice produces something this accomplished and nuanced, this old world needs to hear what happens when h. has a full ensemble to lead." – BMA Magazine

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