Biology at its best - songs, stories, sex and dissections!

Eight snappy presentations from all over the world of biology, with relaxing beverages in the relaxed setting of Smith's Alternative Bookshop.

Erin Walsh (Biology@ANU) loves you for your brain, especially your corpus callosum, and she wants to analyse it in a special new way (that she promises does not involve a scalpel).

Ceridwen Fraser (Fenner School@ANU) was named ACT Scientist of the Year for her Antarctic research. So when she says kelp is really interesting, we believe her!

Sex and Death in the Universe – all in a day’s work for Astrobiologist Charley Lineweaver (Astronomy@ANU), who’s on the hunt for life on other planets.

Evolutionary biologist Nick Matzke (Biology@ANU) has analysed anti-evolution policies in the US. Guess what, they’ve evolved!

Josh Chu-Tan (John Curtin Medical@ANU) is studying gene therapies that could halt the ageing process, at least in your eyes. He’s targeting the root cause of macular degeneration.

Imagine you’re a bird living in the peaceful bush and then humans turn up and start making a whole lot of noise. That’s what Dominique Potvin (Biology@ANU) studies - apparently the birds want us to shut up!

Physicist Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science & ANU) is bringing along some amazing technology for analysing waves. They’re called ears and eyes.

Ecologist and hip hop artist Dave Wong (AKA Diplo D) is gonna get you thinking like a lizard.

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