Bungers: Fiona Merrington, Jess Webster, Tombo Wombo, Richard Ings, Burn Bridges, Kaz Iris, Liam Madden.

Bang!! Beng!! Bing!! Bong!! Bung!! is an opportunity for emerging and less experienced musical performers to have a play on a good stage with a friendly audience.

‘Bungers’ (as we call them) play five songs each, occasionally followed by a set from a featured performer. Original songs are preferred though not obligatory, but one cover song is encouraged – ideally either a song by a local artist, a singalong song, a terrible song or your favourite song.

If you’d like to play at future BBBBB’s, please email smithsalternative@gmail.com.

There is also an open mic for bands, Band Beng Bing Bong Bung. Email for details.

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