Alaisdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Alasdair Fraser’s mastery of the Scottish fiddle combines with the youthful virtuosity of cellist Natalie Haas for a dynamic and captivating show. Natalie’s affinity with Scottish melodic nuance, driving rhythms and rich harmonies afford a sparkling interchange with Fraser. Together they are re-casting the cello in its historic role at the rhythmic heart of Scottish dance music.

People may be familiar with the gorgeous, melodic cello sound says Alasdair Fraser, but they’re surprised to learn that the cello used to comprise the rhythm section in Scottish dance bands. Natalie Haas unleashes textures and deep, powerful rhythms that drive fiddle tunes.  We can ‘duck and dive’ around each other, swap melody and harmony lines, and improvise on each other’s rhythmic riffs. She has such a great sense of exploration and excitement for the music; it’s a
joy to play with her.

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