Come on a glittering and whimsical journey to meet everyone's favourite object in the universe, even if you haven't heard of it: the tiny, tiny photon. Through humour, sequins and stars, uncover a bizarre piece of quantum mechanics which brings us both a sunset and the internet.

Science show meets fringe show in this amalgamated mess of comedy and quantum. There will be experiments, poetry, and a deep dive into some of the best features in the cosmos, including our wonderfully radiating selves.

This is science that sparkles on all levels - from the heliosphere to our own lithosphere - that will have you celebrating colours of light you've never seen.

"Humorous and factual, with moments of genuine wonder." - the AU Review

“Do yourself a favour – you’ll laugh and learn at the same time.” - Dr Karl

Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Festival's Science at the Fringe Award.

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