Noted Festival Presents: Let’s Get Lyrical Part One.

Ever wondered how the great songwriters of our time fit all of those big-hearted words inside those tiny chords? We’ve gathered some of Canberra’s most unique and popular lyricists to talk about their approach to the age-old art of putting words to music. If we ask them nicely perhaps they’ll even crank out a tune! 

Damian Flanagan is precisely one third of the songwriting posse behind folky / acoustic band Hashemoto. He says that songwriting is a thing that can happen. Lyric writing too. He can't stop it happening to anyone, but he can certainly offer condolences if it does. And help too? Who knows.

Luke McGrath has been a songwriter for nearly 20 years, amassing hundreds of songs, in diverse genres including country, hip-hop, punk and electronica. He currently co-fronts two bands, fuzz-poppers Faux Faux Amis and electro-mavericks Babyfreeze, both of which have upcoming releases this year. One day, he hopes to learn to play the guitar properly.

Damian and Luke will be in conversation with Nick Delatovic.

This is part one of a three part event. Find out about part two and part three.

Entry is free.

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