Moral Panic are in town as part of Ralph Indie's 2017 Program at Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres. A civilised afternoon of drinking and music at Smith's to help raise funds for Moral Panic's upcoming season of Love/Chamberlain. We're raising funds to help pay the creatives on our team. See you there and bring your friends! Join Mp4, Norah Jones Half Hour & a special performance by feminist performance poet Ms Beige Brown. 

Set times: 

4.30 - 5:15 MP4
5:30 - 5:45 Beige Brown 
5:45 - 6:30 Norah Jones Half Hour 

More info: 

MP4 are a four piece Jazz Band. A perfect way to kick your Saturday into action. 

Beige Brown is Australia’s foremost feminist performance poet, known for short film Wombless Without words and her uplifting epic Skywhale. She has taken it upon herself to use the permutative sound poetry characteristic of her oeuvre to insert continued uncertainty into the phallogentric project of mainstream literary culture. To explode the big phallus and create many smaller openings. 

Norah Jones Half Hour are not a Norah Jones cover band. Dear god, they are anything but that. The Norah Jones Half Hour is the work of Emma McManus and Nathan Harrison, of performance collective Applespiel. Formed after a bluff was called, The Norah Jones Half Hour combines sardonic lyricism, punky riffs and beginners beats. This is their first show at a fundraiser and could be their last as a band. They will probably be as big as Bono. The Norah Jones Half hour is based in Sydney/Canberra.Their debut EP It's Not That I Don't Like You, It's Just That I Don't Like Music can be found at


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